Raising Funds

Help ❤︎ McPolin ❤︎ Raise Funds

Small actions add up to huge help for our school!

Save Receipts
If you grocery shop at The Market please keep your receipts and hand them into the box at the school entrance. This local grocery store gives back a portion of these receipts to the school! 

If you grocery shop at Smiths, they will also contribute back to the school, make sure your Smith's card is set up with McPolin in mind!

RaiseRight is a new way to raise money for McPolin!

1 - Go to the RaiseRight app or RaiseRight.com

2 - The MPES enrollment code is:


(the second character is I for India).

3 - Enter this in the app or online. 

4 - There is a 15-cent charge per transaction when you link to your bank account. 

5 - There is a 2.6% online fee per transaction when you link to your credit card.

Examples of fundraising amounts: 

Gary (Dad of 2nd-grader Yasi & Iyla in kindergarten) is the MPES coordinator; email questions to garyppage@gmail.com

Live PC Give PC 2022: WE DID IT!  ⭐
❤️ THANK YOU for your support! ❤️

You donated$20,000 (!!!) for safer, more structured recess & P.E.!

The new activities, equipment, materials, and maintenance for recess and P.E. are expected to help our children:

Money raised will fund:

A HUGE thank you to Whitney Olch Bishop & Hallie Wintzer Facey for spearheading MPES' Live Give effort - and for guiding our goal to the finish line.

Thank you!


McPolin: We Beat the Call!

Thanks to the highest parent participation rate - EVER - in Park City Education Foundation's Beat the Call, MPES takes home the TOP PRIZE: 

a $5,000 UPS Stores Park City Grant!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Thank you volunteers, donors, sponsors, and helpers - we had a fantastic FALL FESTIVAL... 

And a super successful SILENT AUCTION!