Ongoing Events and Opportunities

Happiness is Having the Next Snack Prepared...

Please help keep our McPolin students fueled up and focused! 

The PTO sponsors fresh snacks for the entire school on Tuesdays & Thursdays, but we need your help to provide additional healthy snacks for your classrooms on Mondays & Wednesdays! 

Ideal Snacks: 

 Click here to sign up to be a Snack Superstar!

A VERY special thank you to the Snack Team for Tues/Thurs fruit & vegetable pickup and drop-off from The Market!

We need your help!

♻️ Recycle sign-up 

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Green Teams:
Taking Root...

McPolin Green Recycling Team is led by fifth-graders. These kids are working to raise awareness, educate, and take action to support our planet! 

In partnership with EATS & Momentum Recycling, McPolin is tackling food waste diversion! 

Bins will be placed in the cafeteria, and, with the help of school staff & volunteers, students will empty food waste in the large green compost bins. This will divert all of their food waste from the landfill to a local farm! 

 ♻️  PARTICIPATE  ♻️  

♻️ Green Recycling Team ♻️  

♻️ Sign up here for recycling 

♻️ McPolin Composting Team ♻️

We DO need a few parents to volunteer to help catalyze our recycle  and composting efforts!

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♻️❤️ Thank you Green Team Champions, Lauren McLaughlin & Stephanie Paunovich! ❤️♻️

Café con Amigos

Second Tuesday of the Month

Share a cup of coffee, make community with other McPolin families, and hear some important updates in  Spanish/English

Meet right after drop-off the second Tuesday of every month in the McPolin cafeteria.